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Toilet Fizzers

Toilet fizzers are the perfect way to clean the bottom of your loo, whilst also infusing your bathroom with a gorgeous fragrance ready for the next visitor.  At Lemon Fresh UK Ltd our toilet fizzers are hand made by a local company exclusively for us.  Our toilet fizzers are made using the highest grade ingredients to ensure the very best quality product for your toilet.

You may be wondering how to use toilet fizzers?  They come usually in a pack of 4 cubes.  Simply flush your loo and wait for the water to finish running in to the pan.  Then grab a cube and drop it gently in to the water.  It will fizz away turning the water cloudy and the ingredients will be hard at work trying to clean the bottom of your loo.  Simply shut the door and wait approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes and when you next open your toilet door you will be greeted by a gorgeous fragrance as well as a cleaner toilet.  This is because the fragrance oil has risen to the top of your water creating a fragrance wall infusing your room.  When you next flush the toilet the smell will also be drained away, but of course you can use another cube whenever you are in need of impressing visitors.

If you are looking to buy toilet fizzers, look no further.  We sell a range of unique and hand made toilet fizzers for your toilet.

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