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Bath Products

When looking for bath products, you want bathing products which make you feel soft, smooth and revitalised.  Bath products come in many shapes and sizes.  From bubble bath products to shampoos, bath products are great for caring for your skin and adding to the relaxation feel you want when having a long soak in the bath.  Many people also look for bath products for babies.  Baby bath products are also often hard to find and finding the right bath product for a baby can often be a minefield.  Finding bath products which smell amazing, provide the soothing factor and are sensitive on your skin are often sought after.

At Lemon Fresh UK we specialise in providing a range of products called 'Nenuco'.  Nenuco are a brand of bath products and fragrances that is very popular in Spain.  Hard to find is not the word.  Even in Spain, there is often more demand than there is supply.  When you talk about finding Nenuco products in the UK, the challenge is even harder.  Unless you go to a specialist boutique you are unlikely to find Nenuco products anywhere in the UK on a shelf.  At Lemon Fresh UK we are proud to offer the Nenuco range of products across the UK.

Nenuco bath products come in various forms.  We have Nenuco shower gel, Nenuco bubble bath and even Nenuco Shampoo (often referred to as Champu).  We also have milk bath products too including the Nenuco milk bath infused with Aloe Vera for added delicacy for your skin.  The Nenuco fragrance is renowned across the world and for those who have used it, will instantly recognise the beautiful lemon fragrance from distance.  Quite often Spanish mums smother their babies in Nenuco cologne and use it like a splash for their babies.  The added benefit of Nenuco products (if used regularly) is that it also has features with help deter nits from you and your children's hair.

If you are looking for bath products which are fantastic for you and your babies skin, then look no further.  Lemon Fresh UK offer bath products including bath soap, bubble bath and much more.  Why not check out the Nenuco range across our website now and see why so many mum's in the UK are switching to Nenuco for their bath time fun.