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Ambar Essential Oil Mist Dispenser Machine USB

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Introducing the brand new 2021 version of the Ambar Essential Oils Mist Dispenser machine.  Simply fill with water to the fill line, add 2ml of Ambar Essential Oil, plug in to your computer USB (or a USB with at least 1 amp current) and watch the machine work its magic.

The machine is colour changing, slowly filtering through many different colours, whilst constantly pushing out a cold mist in to the air, infusing the room with your favourite Ambar essential oils fragrance.

Improves breathing and prevents dry eyes and skin.  Also helps to reduce stress and aid meditation.  1 fill of the tank can last more than 8 hours (125ml of water).

Always read the instructions.  Never leave any electrical device plugged in unattended.  Keep all electrical devices out of the reach of children and pets. 

Includes a cable with a USB 5V connection.

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