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Ambar Flame Effect Essential Oil Mist Diffuser

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Introducing the brand new Ambar essential oil mist diffuser.  This mist diffuser is unlike their other dispensers and has an excellent LED strip which lights up the mist as it escapes the machine, creating an excellent flame effect.

The flames look very real, yet are completely harmless mist escaping from the machine.  Not only that, but the fragrance that you decide to put in the water really aromatises the room well, ensuring you not only see your machine, but smell it too.

This machine would be great in the bedroom as something to meditate too, or simply as a showpiece in the room. 

The connector is USB, so it is perfect to plug in to your computer or USB socket.  It is recommended you use a connection with at least 1A of power.

The mist lasts a decent time, and in our tests the machine has run for over 5 hours on a single fill-up constantly.

Click here to see the flame effect mist machine in action!

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