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Agerul Aromil Concentrated Toilet Drops 125ml

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Introducing Agerul toilet drops.  These concentrated toilet drops pack a great punch of fragrance in every drop.

The Agerul Sufflor fragrance is a gorgeous fragrance of the wild pine forest.  The fragrance lingers for literally hours and can be used in more places than just the rim of the toilet!

So many people ask us for tips and tricks on how to use these drops, so here are a few ideas:

- When changing the bin bag, simply squirt a few drops in the bottom of the bag.  When you open the bin you will be hit with a lovely smell, plus it masks the smell of general waste in the bin well.

- Squirt a little around the back of the toilet, on the floor where the toilet meets the tiles.  Gives a wonderful smell for when guests go in the loo.

- Under the pets bedding, squirt a few drops to mask that dog bed smell.

- Corner of the room, squirt a little under a rug, or entrance mat or in the corner of the room.  The fragrance lingers for a good while and will hit your senses when you enter or exit the room.

The uses are endless, and we love these little drops.  Excellent value for money and last for a good amount of time.

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