Terms & Conditions

Use of website

Our trade website is for the use of trade customers only.  Images that have been used have been taken by Lemon Fresh UK and images may not be replicated without permission.  Our website uses cookies to ensure website visitors can safely log in and access the trade area of the website.  In order to use the trade area of the website you will not be able to use an existing retail log in combination and must register for a trade account.

We take the privacy of our customers seriously and have adopted secure SSL to undertake all transactions on the Lemon Fresh website.  This ensures all data including personal is encrypted at use.  We are a responsible company and abide by the data protection act at all times.

For customers who contact us by telephone, we may ask your business name and registered address for verification.

We regularly virus-scan the website and have security in place to ensure a safe transaction for everyone.

We hold the right to refuse access to this website for any reason and without notice.

Trade Accounts

Trade accounts are accounts which users register their data with us.  By registering a trade account it gives you the ability to place trade orders, view prices and additionally view order statuses.

All trade accounts are manually approved or disapproved by our team when registered.  We try to approve accounts as quickly as possible, but for accounts which we deem not suitable, will not be approved.  We do not have to provide a reason for an account not being approved.

We may sometimes ask for a proof of ID or verification of your business as part of the registration process.  We may ask you scan over personal details in order to best protect our company.  These details will be stored safe and securely in our office and never shared with a third party.

We hold the right to refuse an order from any trade account for any reason, as well as we hold the right to terminate an account's access to our website for any reason and without notice.

Order Processing

Orders are processed between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Access to the website and the ability to create an order can be made any time, but our team will only process orders between these hours.  We may occasionally operate outside these hours without notice.

We hold the right to reject an order for any reason.

Orders themselves are subject to stock availability.  Lemon Fresh UK always try to ensure stock is always available.  In the event stock is out of stock or is pending delivery to us we will notify the trade customer accordingly and do our very best to keep customers up to date to ensure they know the status of the order.

Orders which are processed require payment before the release of goods.  This includes goods for delivery or collection.  We currently only accept bank transfer for trade account payments.  Bank account details will only be released to the trade account as part of the order and once stock has been assigned for the order.

Delivery & Collections


We accept collection or can offer delivery across mainland UK.  For deliveries located in Essex and within a 30 mile radius of SS17 0BU we will likely use our own courier for delivery.  For orders outside our perimeter we will likely use a pallet service to send the products directly to you.

For collection there is of course no delivery charge to incur.  We will simply let you know once your order is ready for collection and release the order on confirmation of payment.

For delivery we will not release the order for delivery until payment for the order has been made.  

For delivery there is an additional charge for which our team will calculate once your order has been submitted.  This is made on the volume of the order and the weight.  The payment for the order and delivery charge must be paid before an order is dispatched for delivery.


In the event an order arrives damaged, you must let our courier know on delivery.  This will be marked on your order form at the time and a replacement may be sent out at our discretion, or we may simply add the replacement to your next order.  We can of course refund the part of the order which is damaged.  This is at our discretion.  Upon signing the order delivery receipt, you are signing to say you have received the goods and are happy with their condition.

Selling Restrictions

We have no selling restrictions currently in place.  We do however operate a common sense fair trade policy.  This means that traders are not to be selling at a price deemed so low it allows others not to be able to compete.  The majority of the trade we supply to are established shops across the country.  It would be unfair to allow the sale at a price far under RRP as this could potentially hinder or damage shop abilities for sales.  Additionally we do not allow the sale of our products at markets, boot sales or related low-end markets.  We understand people may wish to set up a new online business via social media and we allow this, however this is done on a common sense basis, with RRP to be kept in align with.  We do allow temporary sales of products, but once again this is a sale and not a constant price.Attempts to 'corner markets' may result in a suspension of your account.  For further information on this please contact our team on 01375 408979.  We allow the sell of good both physically and online.